The information below is provided to give you as much information as possible about our tours, how they are run and what we offer.  If you have a question or query that is unanswered please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Kimberley Off-Road Adventure Tours are an adventure focused tour company catering for those who are after a unique adventure based experience, assisted by the knowledge of a local guide who knows the best places and how to get there.  Our guides are experienced in Australia's remote areas and will sometimes make alterations to the itineraries to suit the current conditions, or if they feel it will provide you with a better experience. 

Part of the beauty of the Australia's north is that it is remote, untouched wilderness, and this means that the best locations are not conveniently located next to each other.  To get into the places that make the north so unique and incredible, you need to be prepared for long days and travelling for several hours at a time, sometimes on bumpy roads.

Our tours are participation tours, everyone helps out by contributing to the cooking, cleaning, setting up camp, rolling out swags, collecting firewood, lighting the fire, etc.  This allows the tour to run more efficiently, helps the group to bond and gives you the opportunity to get involved in the bush camping experience.

Bush camping is all part of the adventure and the experience of the outback.  For many centuries Australia’s ancestors survived in the bush living off nature.  Sometimes we will bush camp and there will be no facilities such as a toilet and a shower.  We do have ways of dealing with this, which will be explained to you by your guide.  One way of dealing with not having a shower is by making the most of the swimming opportunities, which occur on most days. 


Our tours aim to get you off the beaten track and into the remote gorges, waterholes and rock art sites.  In order to do this you will be required to hike for several kilometres a day and occasionally swim and climb (swimming is not essential).  You will also need to carry the water you need for each walk or hike (we recommend a 2 litre water bottle).  If you are generally healthy and can walk around 5 kilometres a day, our tours are likely to be suitable for you.

We do not recommend pregnant women travel on our tours; this is due to the risks involved with hiking on uneven ground, and the fact that the roads are corrugated and bumpy which can affect unborn babies.


All our trucks carry first aid kits and we have satellite phones for use in an emergency.  All our guides are trained in first aid and know where the remote area evacuation points are.  They also carry first aid kits on each of the walks.

In areas where there is rocky, uneven ground or if you are going on a long distance walk, your guide will recommend suitable footwear, the amount of water you should be taking, and the amount of shade that will be available on the hike.  Your guide will also inform you of all the relevant information to keep you safe during the hike and whilst swimming. 


Our passengers are typically aged between 20 – 70 years old, although we do not have an upper age limit.  If you think you can handle hiking, climbing and swimming for several hours each day, and you are generally fit and health, then our tours are likely to suit you.  We don't like to use age limits; it's your ability and fitness that matters.  

Our tours are not suitable for children, although teenagers travelling with parents are welcome.  If you do have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. 


If you choose to travel during September, October or November these are the hottest months; humidity is high and temperatures can reach 40 degrees.  During April and May there is some humidity and June, July and August are the coolest months, where you will experience cool nights and warm daytime temperatures. 

During the hotter months our guides will alter the itineraries to suit the weather conditions, for example long walks will be done early in the morning to beat the heat.  We will also aim to camp near watering holes so you have the opportunity to cool off in the afternoon.


We provide drinking water only; if you would like alcohol or soft drinks please bring them with you.  We will have an Esky to help keep your drinks cool and we recommend you purchase cans rather than glass.

It is very hard to purchase any alcohol on tour due to strict liquor laws in the north. Feel free to bring as much as you need for the trip, any queries give us a call on 0447 740 880.

Our food is fresh and passengers are often amazed at the meals we are able to cook up in the bush.  Our guides aren’t chefs but they can most definitely cook up a great feed in a camp oven or on a BBQ plate.

Breakfast – Continental style and some mornings we do cook ups

Lunch – Varies from wraps, sandwiches, burgers, salads, cold meats, etc.

Dinner – Roasts, stir-frys, curries, stews, damper, etc.

On the truck we carry camp ovens, frying pans, BBQ plates, pots, etc., so we can cook almost anything.


We cater for vegetarians and gluten-free passengers.  Other allergies are also catered for, although our guides are not specialists in these areas, so we ask that you provide some assistance when meals are being prepared to ensure you are correctly catered for.  Please make sure you inform us at the time of booking if you have a dietary requirement or allergy. 


We encourage bookings to be made online here or alternatively you can call us on:  +61 (0) 447 740 880.  Once you have paid your deposit of $499.75 you will be sent an email confirmation including your final balance and when it is due.  The final balance is due at least 30 days prior to your departure and you will be sent a payment reminder about 6 weeks before your departure date. If you would like to pay the final balance sooner please call or email us.

You will receive a call from us a day or two before your tour departs to confirm your pick up time (usually around 6am) and to find out where you'd like to be picked up from.  We will pick up from any accommodation in the CBD and often in the local suburbs too, however if staying in a suburb please call to confirm we can collect you from your chosen address.  When your guide picks you up you will need to present proof of your booking. 



We use custom-built 4WD trucks fitted with 16 forward-facing seats.  Our trucks are air-conditioned.  The size of our trucks allows us access to tracks that larger tour vehicles cannot use.  We also tow a trailer.


Please bring no more than 20kg of luggage as we have limited space on the truck.  We also ask that your luggage has soft casing e.g. a backpack.   


We highly recommend that you take out travel insurance at the time of booking and that you make sure it suits your individual needs. Our tours travel through remote areas and you could incur high costs in the unfortunate event that something happens to you.

Some suggestions of what you should look at covering yourself for are:

  • Emergency medical treatment

  • Emergency evacuation

  • Injury, accident or sickness, which prevents you from starting the tour or causes you to leave the tour

  • Cancellation fees

  • Lost or damaged luggage

  • Leaving the tour due to illness, injury or accident

We are a small operator and cancellations affect us significantly, therefore it is essential for us to abide by our policy in all circumstances.  If you choose to travel with no insurance, you do so at your own risk, and we highly recommend that you familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy.


The roads we travel on are sometimes rough and corrugated particularly when travelling along the Gibb River Road, the Savannah Way; and driving in Kakadu, Arnhem Land and in and out of the Bungle Bungles.  Tours running in April and also October and November can experience road closures due to wet season rain covering the roads or because of fires.  Tours will more than likely run but the itinerary may need to be altered to suit the conditions. 

Kimberley Off-Road Adventure Tours takes no responsibility for road closures; during these times your guide’s excellent knowledge of the Kimberley should enable them to still deliver a fantastic trip whilst considering the weather conditions.  


  • Sleeping Bag suitable for the conditions (-5 degree Celsius sleeping bag if travelling between May – September)

  • Comfortable, appropriate hiking shoes or boots / strapped sandals with ankle support (whichever you feel most confident hiking in)

  • Thongs / your comfy breathable shoes for on the truck and around the campsites

  • Torch

  • Large water bottle

  • Swimming gear

  • Towel

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Suitable clothing to keep you cool and protect you from the sun

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellent

  • Toiletries

  • iPod / MP3 (We can play your music on the truck)

  • Camera

  • Jumper / long pants (to keep you warm in the evening)

  • Cash for souvenirs

  • Small or inflatable pillow

  • Rain jacket (from tours running in May, September, October & November)


Q. What time will you pick me up and where from? 

A. Your guide will pick you up from your accommodation if it is in the city of Darwin or Broome.  We can also often pick-up from surrounding suburbs but please contact us to confirm.  If you are outside of these pick up areas please get in touch so we can arrange a central pick-up point.

Your guide will pick you up between 6.00 - 6.30am for the Kimberley 9-day tour, 11-day Kakadu Gulf Savannah tour and the 7-day Kakadu & Arnhem Land tour. We will be in touch a couple of days prior to your departure to provide you with an estimated pick-up time. Please be aware that this time is an estimate but your guide can get held up so please be patient.  

Q. I’m travelling for a while and I have a big backpack, will this be okay?

A. It should be okay as long as it’s not over 20kg and is in a soft bag.  We are limited with space on the truck so if you are concerned please contact us for advice.

Q. How can I book a tour?

A.  We encourage bookings to be made online here or alternatively you can call us on  +61 (0) 447 740 880

Q. I enjoy a beer at the end of the day; will there be room to bring a carton of beer?

A. Yes but please try to purchase cans or plastic bottles as we travel on bumpy roads which can cause glass bottles to break.  We will not replace any drinks lost or damaged.

If your tour is departing from Broome please purchase any alcohol or preferred soft drinks for your tour whilst in Broome. Due to alcohol restriction laws and the remote nature of where we are traveling, it can be difficult to make these purchases once on the road.

Q. What is a swag?

A. A swag is a traditional outback bed, you will be provided with one on your tour.  It’s a soft mattress with a canvas cover, like a big sleeping bag with zips either side. You still use your sleeping bag and pillow inside the swag, but the swag provides you with extra protection from the elements.  It also means you don’t have to use a tent, although there is always one available to you.  If you don’t want to use a swag, some people simply take the mattress from inside the swag to put in their tent.

Q. What type of tents do you provide?

A. We provide a simple 2 person dome tent, which uses 2 poles.  They are simple to construct and your guide will give you a demonstration of how to put the tent up properly. 

Q. I’m not the best swimmer, should I be doing this tour?  

A. We carry a couple of pool noodles to help you float but please inform your guide at the beginning of the tour if you can’t swim or if you’re not a confident swimmer, so they can keep a close eye on you.  If you are not comfortable being in the water you can simply relax in the shade; it is not compulsory to swim. 

Q. Where will you drop us at the end of the tour?

A. If you are traveling on our 9-day Kimberley Off-Road Adventure Tour or our 7-day Kakadu & Arnhem Land tour, your guide will drop you at your accommodation if it is in the city of Darwin or Broome.  We can often drop-off at surrounding suburbs but please contact us to confirm.  If you are staying beyond these areas please call to discuss your options. 

If you are traveling on our 11-day Gulf Savannah tour from Darwin to Cairns, all passengers will be dropped off at The Reef Hotel Casino, 35-41 Wharf St.  This is a central location in Cairns enabling you to make your own way to your accommodation.

Q. What time will I be dropped off at the end of the tour?

A. If you’re traveling on our Broome to Darwin Kimberley 9-day tour or the 7-day Kakadu & Arnhem Land tour you will be dropped off at the estimated time of 5pm. If you’re traveling on our Darwin to Broome Kimberley 9-day tour you will arrive at your accommodation at approximately 6pm. If you’re traveling on our 11-day Kakadu Gulf Savannah tour we will drop you off at the The Reef Hotel Casino, 35-41 Wharf St. at the rough time of 3pm.

If you’re making travel arrangements for after the tour please be mindful that whilst on tour you’ll be traveling in remote areas which can cause delays to our estimated travel times.

Q. How can I charge my camera?

A. We carry a 240-volt power inverter and USB charger for you to charge your phone and/or camera.

Q. Will we have toilets and showers on the tour? 

A. Yes and no.  When we are on the road there are roadhouses and rest stops with toilets, which you can use.  Also, when we stay at stations you will have access too hot showers and flushing toilets, however most campsites have little or no facilities.  On this tour we are swimming most days (without soap or shampoo), so a refreshing swim should sort you out!

Q. Are all the camping fees included?

A. All the camping fees are included in the price of the trip.  The only activities you'll need to pay for on the Kimberley tours are the optional activities, which are the boat cruise on Lake Argyle ($40) and a helicopter ride over the Bungle Bungles (starts at about $299). On the Gulf Savannah tours there are limited optional activities as they are mostly covered in the cost of the tour (see inclusions on bottom of itinerary pages).

Q. When do I need to book the optional activities on the 9-day Kimberley tour?

A. You don’t need to decide whether you want to do the Lake Argyle cruise and/or the Bungle Bungles helicopter flight until you are on the tour. Once on the tour your guide to organise these for you. In both cases payment can be made by credit card or by cash.

Q. Will there be any opportunities to wash my clothes whilst on tour?

A. Yes, if you’re traveling on our 9-day Kimberley Off-Road Adventure Tour or our 11-day Kakadu Gulf Savannah tour.

If you’re on our Kimberley tour, at El Questro station there are laundry facilities for about $4 a wash.  We recommend bringing some dollar coins if you’re keen to do some washing.  We stay at El Questro station on Day 4 if traveling from Broome to Darwin, and Day 5 if traveling from Darwin to Broome. 

If you’re on our Kakadu Gulf Savannah tour there are washing facilities available in the homestead shed at Lorella Springs where we stay for two nights. It is only available when the generator is on in the afternoon so we cannot guarantee you’ll be on site to use it. It is $10 per load.

Q. How cold does it get at night-time whilst on tour?

A. If you’re traveling on our 9-day Kimberley tour it has been known to get down to 0 degrees in the Bungle Bungles; hence why we recommend a -5 degree sleeping bag and a set of warm clothes for the evenings.

If you’re traveling on our 7-day Kakadu & Arnhem Land tour or our 11-day Kakadu Gulf Savannah tour in 2020, the time of year that these tours are running means that the nights and evenings will be warm.

Q. Can I hire a sleeping bag?

A. We do not hire out sleeping bags so you will need to bring your own. Make sure it is suitable for -5 degrees, especially if travelling through the Kimberley with us.